While saving precious hours, you don’t have to sacrifice quality – our designers approach the process keeping in mind both aesthetic and professional points of view – they’re functional to the maximum, easy-to-edit and at the same time really original and can be regarded as true art with characteristics inherent to the designer’s style!

Such templates are of great value for you if you’re a newbie in HTML and web design because you can get on-the-fly support for any question and avoid a bunch of beginner’s problems. Even if you’re an experienced web designer you’ll find it easier to handle successive templates due to standardization and commonality of the principles used to design templates.

E-Commerce Ready Web Templates:

As the trend towards e-commerce driven website has been flourishing recently, and as a leader and pioneered of an e-commerce website in Brunei Darusalam ourself, we at iPESONA never ignores the importance of this pattern and has decided to develop most of the widely available PHP GNU license shopping cart to be offered to our customers. These include the osCommerce and Zencart Software to begin with. Our decision is based on the roboustness of these particular shopping carts software and the reliability of PHP and MySQL database relationship. Although, we do provide our customers with HTML online shops/stores web templates for those who have the ability to develop their own database driven e-commerce sites, we do not itegrate or provide database and the backend programming for HTML driven web templates. However, custom tuning is always available at your own choice.

Among our recent products include the widely touted CRE Loaded osCommerce project. This is based on the latest version 6.2 and to get familiarity with this kind of script please visit creloaded.com website. 

Resource Centre:

Webdesigner and developer who wish to personally alter our templates can always refer to our resource centre. We provide a wide range of photos, icons and other related coding for you to choose from. And as part of your enhancement effort you can always look for tips and help in your customization work by looking at our designlibrary. A lot of good articles and tips have been posted in our catalogue on daily basis.

And for familiarity our customers can always download our free samples. These free web templates will provide you with the actual picture of our products. To add to your conveniences you can always look up for our free cliparts as your source of templates modification. In the initial free offerings you can get enough free cliparts to start the template tuning on your own and a lot more will be given for free when you purchase our templates.


To facilitate your designing phase you can browse our resource centre bar that provides links to various freely available tutorial websites especially in the newly popular PHP scripts language. A webdesign tutorial and a webmaster reference facility are also included as part of our customer care effort. Please feel free to browse our resource centre for further information.


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